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Leah Day

December 2015

Leah Day is the creator of the Free Motion Quilting Project, a blog she started in 2009 with the challenge to create 365 new free motion quilting designs. Now with over 450 designs shared in free videos, Leah's blog is one of the best web resources for machine quilting information and inspiration online. Currently Leah and her husband Josh are hosting yearly Quilt Alongs, guiding thousands of quilters through fun projects block by block. Leah has also written several books, taught several online classes for Craftsy, and video workshops available on her website LeahDay.com.

Vanessa Wilson

November 2015

The Crafty Gemini
Vanessa Wilson, a.k.a Crafty Gemini, is a sewing and quilt pattern designer and online instructor. Vanessa is mostly known for her clear and concise instructional YouTube videos. Her channel, TheCraftyGemini has over 250,000 subscribers and her tutorials have been viewed 23 million times worldwide. Vanessa also hosts The Crafty Gemini Quilt Club which is an online community of 800+ quilters and features live video streaming classes and chats as well as monthly project based video courses. A law professor turned entrepreneur, Vanessa now shares her lifestyle and crafty skills with a global audience via the web. She teaches viewers how to do everything from sewing and quilting to organic gardening and even woodworking projects. Her work has been featured on ABC's 20/20 and the New York Times as well as magazines like Quilty and Modern Quilts Unlimited. Vanessa is a first-generation American and a native Spanish speaker. She earned her B.A. and Juris Doctor from the University of Florida. Today she lives on an organic homestead in Florida with her husband, their two unschooled children and 40+ farm animals. Vanessa has created three videos and a special pattern for our subscribers. On the following website you will find a printable paper pieced pattern to print on the Solvy paper. There is also a video where Vanessa talks about each product in the box and why she chose it. Another video shows how to use her custom template to create a simple pillow cover made up of fun blocks. And a third video tutorial on the paper pieced template. Have fun learning and creating with Vanessa!

Angela Walters

October 2015

Quilting is my Therapy
I love all things related to quilting! I started my quilting career over 10 years ago at the side of my husband’s grandpa. He patiently taught me the art of quilting by helping me make my first quilt, a 9 patch quilt that is still on my bed today. I can’t believe how much has changed since that first quilt! I am still a quilter, of course, but now I can add Author, Quilting Teacher, and Fabric Designer to my resume. I am still so amazed by that! I have written several books, including “Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters”, “In the Studio with Angela Walters” and the “Free-motion Quilting Workbook.” If there is one thing that I love as much as quilting, it’s talking about quilting. I love to give lectures and teach quilting classes. I also have classes online with Craftsy with the most recent being “Dot to Dot Quilting”. And, since I don’t think I am quite busy enough, I also design fabric. I have also quilted for several books, magazines and publications, and I feel that I am so fortunate to have the best customers! But, no matter what accomplishments I list on my bio, it pales in comparison to the titles I hold in my personal life: Mother to three adorable children, Wife to my awesome husband for over 13 years, and confirmed coffee addict. And of course, Grandpa’s Girl."



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