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Quilty Box Mini

Enormous Value. Petite Price.

Last month our owner, Patrick, welcomed his first baby into the world. "My Mini" as he refers to his new daughter. So, we decided to welcome a Mini of our own. Introducing Quilty Box Mini!

Quilty Box Mini doesn’t cut corners. With everything you need to advance as a quilter and nothing you don’t, the Quilty Box Mini is perfect for the quilter that enjoys the process of quilting: the cutting, the piecing and “solving the puzzle” that we’ve heard so many of you describe as the joy and inspiration behind why you quilt.

What to Expect:
  • Full Size Charm Pack from one of the newest fabric collections. The same line of fabric as featured in our full size Quilty Box Classic, but in a fun charm size.
  • Spool of Thread - Cordinating high quality thread from your favorite brands.
  • Charm Pack Pattern - Custom designed pattern that is easy to complete and teaches you a new technique.
  • Bundles of Inspiration Magazine - Our popular magazine with full sized pattern, articles, how-to's and information
  • And More! - fun and exciting extras to help you #GetQuilty
Quilt More. Procrastinate Less. You know who you are. You love the process of quilting. The patterns, the designs, the fabric: everything! So why isn’t All of these great experiences quilting, but nothing to help light the inspirational fuel … Until now.

  • Month-to-Month: $19.99/mo + 3.99/mini Shipping
  • 3-Month Prepaid Plan: $17.49/mini + 3.99/mini Shipping - 12% Discount!
  • 6-Month Prepaid Plan: $15.99/mini + 3.99/mini Shipping - 20% Discount!
  • 12-Month Prepaid Plan: $14.99/mini + 3.99/mini Shipping - 24% Discount!
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